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Based on individual genetic samples 9 Ability to learn provided in 5 steps (Mathematical Aptitude, Reading Aptitude, Memory Performance,Linguistic Ability, Concentration Endurance, Creative Thinking, Comprehension, Attention)

피펫은 테스트 튜브에 삽입

Check out the disease susceptibility. It is a screening-type product that can manage major cancers and general diseases of Koreans at once.

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Design your lifestyle with genetically tailored solutions! It is a DTC (Direct to Consumer) product that allows you to apply directly without going to the hospital and receive results at home.


Becoming the world's largest gene sample collection company collecting gene samples of 30% of the total ASEAN

elementary and junior high school population

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When you consume a large amount of calories, you store them in the form of fat in your body. Obesity is not just a heavy weight, but an excess of body fat.

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